In Preservation’s infinitely scrolling scene, each tree is secured in an individual vitrine. They are sealed from the world but transformed into a golden object, an earthly material of great luxury. As climate change continues to ravage the planet, conservation of what we call “Nature” remains a central subject. In sequestering some spaces to “natural growth”, supposedly untouched from human intervention, while allowing other swaths of land to fall into ruin by way of material extraction, the false binary of Nature/Culture continues. Preservation presents both sides of this spectrum at once, asking the viewer to consider this spectrum and reflect on our entanglement with what we call “Nature”.

Preservation was debuted with bitforms gallery in The Tree Of Life curated by Claudia Hart.

HD Video (color, sound)
6 min 13 sec loop
Dimensions variable

Music made in collaboration with Cory Zimmerman

Preservation Installation View