A New Nature
2020 - 2021

As A New Nature forges a path forward with increasing speed, the viewer is presented with visual and aural considerations about the future of what Western culture refers to as Nature. The future depicted here is not one steeped in doom and gloom as Hollywood so often does, and nor is it that of the utopian perfection that Silicon Valley so wishes for us to believe can exist. A New Nature depicts a future that is both cautionary and celebratory depicting no return to an Edenic or bucolic Mother Earth, but rather an entry to a world that is augmented with technology for both better and worse; a strange future full of mysteries laying around every corner inhabited by beautiful and abject hybrid planetary systems of technology-organisms.

Supported by the Rocky Mountain Biological Research Laboratory and National Science Foundaiton Grant DEB - 1754518

Full length stream available on dis.art
Excerpts from A New Nature
Projected 4k Video (Color, Sound)
Dimensions Variable
10min 15sec, 2021

Written, directed, and produced by Mark Dorf
Music and sound design in collaboration with Cory Zimmerman
Mixed at Salon District
Voice Over #1 spoken by Cassandra Croft
Voice Over #2 spoken by Mark Dorf
Voice Over #3 spoken by Paul CaraDonna