“For the past couple of decades there has been a steady stream of analysis that has documented the ways in which the rollout of new digital and networked technologies have enabled increasingly pervasive and extensive forms of state and corporate surveillance. Such technologies have the capability to capture and communicate data about their use; simultaneously a wealth of sophisticated software has been developed that processes and acts on such data in automated, autonomous, and automatic ways. Importantly, the use of embedded GPS, sensors, and digital cameras are enabling location and movement to be tracked, facilitating extensive geosurveillance of people and places.” – From Rob Kitchen’s Continuous Geosurveillance in the “Smart City”.

Nebulous explores ideas of big data within the context of the contemporary urban environment. Our digital footprints and digital shadows are broadcast at all times – often unknowingly. Our digital devices create a perfect portrait of our consumption, motion, leisure, and communication. Nebulous creates an abstract portrait of our broadcasted clouds.

Commissioned by DIS Magazine for “The Data Issue” for Rob Kitchin’s Continuous Geosurveillance in the “Smart City”.

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Medium: Archival Pigment Print
Size: 32in x 40in
Edition: 7 + 3AP
Year: 2015